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When we think about buying a new home, we often think about the real estate ads on TV and radio. These ads pound into our heads the importance of “location, location, location.” But, is that always practical?

We understand the importance of location regarding such factors as quality schools, you and your partner's employment, and the proximity of shopping, playgrounds, parks, and other entertainment venues are significant for young families, though it may not be as crucial to empty-nesters.

"Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait!" - Will Rogers

Isn’t it true that most of us would rather make a short commute to work and drop off the kids at school or daycare than live in a home we couldn’t afford? Therefore, location does not always have to be the number one factor in buying a home.

Sure, we’d all love to live in 90210 or raise our kids in OC with fantastic schools and fabulous social life, but sacrificing food for fancy digs is not very smart. That neighborhood with a trinity of work, school, and play might not be a reality for everyone. You may have to back off one or more of your creature comforts to get a home that fits your family size and budget.

There are several important factors to consider, but ultimately it boils down to just three.

  1. Reliable & Professional Realtor
    • This factor is imperative and cannot be understated. You need someone on your side who will search for properties that fit your budget, family size, amenities, local schools, and entertainment venues. An excellent place to start is to look at the success others have had with this real estate agent. In other words, check the testimonials of their clients.

  2. Discuss Your Objectives with Your Family & Settle on Imperative Factors
    • You will need to know how much you can afford for both the down payment and the monthly mortgage. We can help with some of the particulars of financing, such as how much you qualify for and which neighborhoods offer the best schools, but ultimately, you must decide.

      If you plan to add another member to the family or bring a parent to live with you, these are things you should consider before buying a home. Does the property have a “mother-in-law” suite or is there room to build one? Is there room for a pool or entertaining in the backyard? Even when these are not currently essential to you, will they be in the future?

  3. And, Last but not Least, Research
    • You will need to know how much you can afford for both the down payment and the monthly mortgage. We can help with some of the particulars of financing, such as how much you qualify for and which neighborhoods offer the best schools, but ultimately, you must decide.

      These are the things you should do to ensure the home you decide on is truly the home of your dreams and not a nightmare you settled on because the price was right. Some things are more vital than price. The home you decide on must be one you can live in peacefully.

To know your how much you qualify for, how much your monthly mortgage payments will be, and the down payment, scan the following documents and attach to an email to: jrjsrealtor@gmail.com.

  • Past two years tax returns
  • Past two years W-2 forms
  • Past two pay stubs
  • Government ID or Driver’s License

Additionally, you may bring the hard copies during your appointment. We can assist buyers with the down payment, and we participate in the First-Time Buyers Assistance Program, VA & FHA loan guarantee programs, plus we can assist with both conventional loans and private (hard money) loans.

We want you to know we are here to assist you in anyway possible to see you get into the home of your dreams as soon as possible.

"Buy land, they’re not making it anymore!" - Mark Twain

When considering a commercial property, many will once again point to “location, location, location” as one of the most important factors to consider. This time, they’re more than likely right unless there are two or more properties that will meet your need in a specific neighborhood.

However, the most crucial factor when searching for a commercial property is that reliable and professional realtor. It’s much more important in this scenario as the price, and their commission could be much higher.

But, more importantly, you need someone you can trust to do the proper legwork. Will the neighborhood you are considering be suitable to bring clients to, or if you’re planning a restaurant or entertainment venue, is the community appropriate?

Other considerations when buying a commercial property for your project is how much will it cost to get into the property? What is the renovation expense, the availability of expansion, parking, and long-term liabilities such as taxes, maintenance, and utilities?

Research the property and get a professional appraisal. It could save you a lot of heartache and headaches down the road.

Sell Your House Now

At Singson Real Estate we specialize in selling your property using many full-service techniques other agents have gotten away from doing for their clients. Remember when you drove into a gas station, and they automatically cleaned the windshield and checked the oil? OK, maybe admitting that would show your age because it has been awhile, but my point is, we are a full service real estate company. We automatically do those things others won’t.

We will market your property on major real estate websites and other selling platforms, such as working with investors and cash buyers, sending out flyers, cold calling, and door knocking. We will schedule multiple open houses to showcase your property, plus we will reach out to our past and present clients whom we know have a strong potential to buy.

Although some real estate brokers no longer make cold calls or pass out flyers, we believe any method we use to get the word out, is beneficial to our client and therefore, not beneath us.

We're blazing trails across the state selling homes and making new friends. We are out there in communities in Los Angeles, Orange, San Luis Obispo (SLO), Kings, Tulare, Kern, and San Bernardino County. Even if you’re considering a vacation cabin or ski lodge up in Mammoth, we can find you the place of your dreams.

We're pursuing opportunities for our clients in cities like Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hawthorne, Glendale, Burbank, Inglewood, Lakewood, Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Anaheim, Buena Park, Yorba Linda, Brea, Santa Maria, SLO, Paso Robles, Santa Clarita, Porterville, Visalia, and too many more to mention.

Sold is my favorite four-letter word" – Donald Trump

Another point you should seriously consider is our low commission rate of four percent. Most California realtors are charging six percent. On an average-priced home in Cali, which is $800, 750, your savings are significant. However, you will not find many average-priced homes here in the Hollywood, West Hollywood area.

  • Service
  • Savings
  • Excellence
  • Integrity you can count on!
  • And, most importantly…Results!

Why pay another agent six percent when you can list with us, and we will do everything they do and more, for less? In the SoCal Real Estate market, we could save you tens of thousands of dollars depending on the location of your home. Perhaps we could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on your median priced Hollywood home.

Just look at the facts, what is two percent of the price you want for your house? $802,750 is the average price of a home sold in the Los Angeles area in 2017. Two percent times the $802,750 average Cali home sales price is $16,055. Where would you rather that $16,000 was? In your bank account or another real estate agent’s account? Imagine how much we can save you on a 3 or 4 million dollar property.


Every investor should have real property as the foundation of their portfolio. The dependability of real estate properties, both residential and commercial, give the investor a reliable infrastructure of support on which to build.

Indeed, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are excellent investment vehicles as well; however, real estate properties rarely falter far off their market value for very long. Watching your investment portfolio go up and down like a rollercoaster can be stressful. Bitcoins are taking a pounding, the stock market is too because of inflation fears, and mutual funds based primarily on stocks move with the stock market.

It would be wise to place only a small portion of your investment portfolio in those volatile areas and concentrate a bigger slice in Real Estate so that your family’s prosperity does not depend so much on something it cannot control.

The longer you own your home, the more you pay toward the mortgage, and the upgrades you make, all assist you in realizing what is known in the industry as “home equity.” Many families do not even understand this is happening.

Just by owning a home and paying your mortgage means you are building equity. Let us assist your family work toward maximizing your home’s value and grow your real estate investment. Some repairs and upgrades build equity quicker than others.

Many people believe you need a significant amount of money to invest in real estate, particularly in Cali where the property prices are often in the millions. However, that is not always true, and we can help you with financing and investing.

The National Association of Realtors agrees that upgrading the kitchen is one of the best investments someone selling a home can make. Accomplishing a thorough upgrade of the kitchen and its appliances could close the deal. Most families do not want the hassle and inconvenience of buying a property with an outdated kitchen that will need upgrading before they can move into the home.

Other major renovation, such as replacing the roof, installation of steel entry doors, new garage doors, and others can increase the selling price significantly. However, discuss any planned renovations with a realtor familiar with the home prices in the area to ensure you can get back the equity you put into an upgrade whether on an investment property or the family home.

Flipping Houses

Although many homebuyers want a property that is ready to move into, some want specific renovations or improvements that may not be available in an older home. Some older homes need upgrades in plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), high-end appliances, and some want extravagant upgrades like bowling lanes and basketball courts.

Look at Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s ex, he bought a 3,3002 foot house in 2015 for $6 million, remodeled it with a double-sided fireplace separating the kitchen and living room, added a huge kitchen island, a mammoth tub and walk-in closet to the master suite, and resold it for $8 million. Word is he just bought another $7.5 million home.

Whereas it’s true, not all of us can make six figures fixing and flipping a single house, but many of Southern California’s flippers are making five figures on a single flip in six to eight weeks.

This significant income is quickly be realized by using hard money lenders to front you the necessary funds for the purchase and remodel. We have partnered with a few investors to make financing available for fix and flip projects.

The secret to success is to find the right property (we can help), get the money to buy and renovate (we can help), fix it, and resell it (once again, we can help). Some will have the money to purchase the home but not the renovations, or just need help with meeting payroll, we can help with most needs.

We can help you find a depressed property and lend you the money to purchase and repair. What’s more, we can lend you 70-100 percent of the ARV when you have the first lien and experience refurbishing properties or agree to use a reputable designer and contractor on the first project. It is customary to use the property as collateral for the loan.

A real estate property’s (ARV) or after repair value is a predicted value of a depressed property, perhaps due to age or condition. The ARV considers the current purchase price of the house, the average sale price of similar properties in the neighborhood, and an estimated value based on the improvements to the property.

Instead of using the ratio known as the loan-to-value (LTV), private or hard money lender use the ARV. Typically, the LTV is restricted to traditional banking institutions and require a 30 or 40-year mortgage. For fix and flipping, this is not what you want.

You want a short-term loan, six months to a year, to make the necessary renovation and get it on the market. Another reason to get a short-term loan is for the renovation of a rental property to get a long-term loan.

FHA and VA are strict about property conditions and how many families can live in the property. VA will quite often approve a duplex, where the buyer will live in one unit and rent the other. But FHA is known to guarantee loans for multi-family units that will house up to four families.

We have assisted many families to get the property they wanted to live in, get it renovated and ready for move in by using hard money to buy and upgrade the property so that the family could get a comfortable long-term mortgage they could live with, and they can help you too.