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John Singson

John Singson, the CEO, and founder of Singson Real Estate has a long and prestigious background in real estate sales, service and investments. It is safe to say that Mr. Singson has seasoned himself with common sense, street knowledge, and a drive to succeed that is hard to top.

Although John's story didn't start with "I used to sleep in the couch" type of story, he still believes in hard work, but yet working smart as he prefers to think, is what shows forth in his efforts to achieve and help others to reach their dreams.

Although he came from a well-known and affluent family in the Philippines, John realized money didn't grow on trees and actions are necessary to attain and hold wealth. It is this mentality that pushes him to assist others become home owners.

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Our Vision & Mission Simply Stated

The vision and mission of Singson Real Estate is to assist clients in realizing their real estate ambitions. If their intent is investing, fix and flipping properties (personal and commercial), buying a home, or selling your house.
Whatever your objectives are, we can help!
“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours” – Les Brown

Property Investing

Real estate property should be the foundation of every investor’s portfolio. Property is a dependable investment because it rarely loses value. The stock market might go up and down, the price of gold and other commodities are not always stable, Bitcoins and foreign currencies too.
Although it is wise to have a small percentage of your portfolio in these areas, real estate property is an investment you can count on, and your family’s wealth can grow with, both short range and long-term.
“Real Estate is the closest thing to a pot of gold” – Ada Louise Huxtable

Fix & Flip Property Investments

Although it may seem the “fix and flip” investment strategy is overly saturated due to the immense popularity of HGTV reality shows like Flip or Flop, Desert Flippers, Rustic Rehab, and others, there are still innumerable opportunities in the SoCal real estate market.
Come in and talk to us about your ambitions. We are here to serve you, 8721 Sunset Blvd Penthouse 10, West Hollywood, CA.
“Call it a sky-light if you want, I know a hole in the roof when I see one!” – Real Estate Humor

Buying a Home Made Easy

We have a variety of methods to help you purchase a home. We’ll go the extra mile to assist you in finding the house of your dreams in a neighborhood you want to build a nest for your family.
Our primary focus is in Orange County, Los Angeles county, San Bernardino county, basically, we service the ENTIRE State of California.
“Home is the nicest word there is” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Selling a Home Made Easy

When you’re ready to sell a house because your family has outgrown it, it’s an empty nest that is too big for the two of you, it’s a completed renovation, or for whatever reason, we will give you every effort, every day.
We will leave no rock overturned in the search for a new owner.

Contact Us, Today

Whether you need real estate investment advice, help with a fix and flip project, assistance buying a place for your family, or selling a house call for an appointment, (562) 445-1211 . Use our contact form or send us an email JRJSREALTOR@GMAIL.COM.
We are here to serve you.


What we do

We provide the following Real Estate Services

Help to sell your home

This is our specialty, we work extremely hard for our clients in this endeavor, no sales technique will get ignored.

Help buying the home of your dreams

We will get you prequalified in 12 to 24 hours, just submit the required documents on the contact form.


We can assist you in finding properties to invest in and other opportunities in the real estate field and others. What we would most like our clients to know is whatever investment tool they are looking at in the real estate realm, we can help them realize their dreams.

Fix & Flip property improvements

We will help you find property auctions, foreclosed properties, short sales, fire damaged homes, and other properties that might need some TLC. These properties are not confined to residential, as there are depressed commercial properties that you could acquire and fix, or use for a private enterprise.

Providing private “hard money” loans

When you first start buying and fixing up properties to flip, you might need some help with financing the remodel. Other times a flip might get more expensive than you planned because of complete plumbing, electric, HVAC replacements, termite infestation or lead paint discovery, etc. We can help with private money in the form of a hard money loan.

Help with a down payment if necessary

This is a private transaction, like a “hard money” loan. Just ask.

Other services we offer

First-Time Home Buyers’ Program
Refinance assistance
Real Estate Project Management

Get Pre-Qualified

Get Pre-Qualified Now

We are waiting to hear from you! Let us know your needs and desires for a home if you’re buying. If you want to get prequalified email us at JRJSREALTOR@GMAIL.COM and please include the following documents:

  • Past two years tax returns
  • Past two years W-2 forms
  • Past two pay stubs
  • Government ID or Driver’s License
If you have any questions and/or clarifications make sure to fill our contact form to get in touch with us.

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8721 Sunset Blvd penthouse 10
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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(562) 445 - 1211

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(562) 445 - 1211

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Please use the contact form to send us any questions and concerns. Our team is on stand by and will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.